LOOK: These Shoes are Designed by Team Kramer!

TeamKramer has been known in the world of lifestyle and travel for having cool family times, but did you know that they are also into retail? You need to check out this exclusive shoe collection designed by Cheska Garcia-Kramer that has the latest trends for a comfortable high fashion vibe!

Cheska has finally launched her own shoe collection – something that has long been a dream of hers. In collaboration with S&H shoes, they call it #SNHxTEAMKRAMER. Here’s some of the newest designs for the holidays with Cheska and her kids, Kendra and Scarlett.

I was really excited when I saw the shoes, and fell in love with them immediately. Here are 5 reasons why I think you guys should get them:

They are perfect for #Twinning.

These designs aren’t just for adults; they are made cool for kids, too. It may be cheesy to some, but just look how adorable Kendra and Scarlett are in them. Plus, it can be fun, too – if you know how to do it.  I saw them as I browsed through social media and seeing celebrities and and fashion bloggers wear them made me want a pair!

It’s up to date.

Team Kramer came up with a shoe collection that is stylish and trendy. You definitely won’t go out of style all year round. Whether you’re a city girl or a beach girl, Cheska designed a variety of pairs to suit anyone’s style. These Carina Sandals are some of my favorites because I really like the color.

They’re crazy comfortable.

Their shoes are soft and easy to wear. Have you ever have a moment where you had to take your shoes off after standing too long or walking too far? Well, that’s never going to be a problem with these shoes because they are made for comfort. I could even sleep in them. This one is called Sharmila (in black). They also offer a variety of colors for this particular pair.

They are sophisticated.

You’ll still look fashionable, whether at an indoor event, while walking around the city, or just chillin’ at a café somewhere. Team Kramer made the perfect pairs. They made lovely flats, heels, ribbons and straps all work together.

­­­­They look expensive but are actually super affordable!

On top of all of the reasons why we love these shoes, we also love that we can have them without hurting our wallets. Shoes are essentials because they protect our feet, but of course, it’s better to have stylish and appealing ones. Cheska designed pairs that compliment any kind of style and any kind of season without hiking up the prices. So, what are you waiting for? Get these pairs for your next OOTDs!

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