LOOK: These Scented Candles Look Like Delicious Desserts

Looking for something unique and adorable to share with your friends and loved ones this holiday season? We’ve got something that’s cute, quirky, creative, and attention-grabbing.

These mouthwatering “desserts” are actually scented candles from WeBake Candle!

webake candle 4

Photo from WeBake Candle

WeBake Candle is a newly-established online business started by a mompreneur who’s a crafter by heart. Nerrie Lour decided to create her own candles and sell them just this year.

To veer away from the usual scented candles in jars, Nerrie decided to make her products as unique and eye-catching as possible. So, she started creating dessert-inspired scented candles that are exceedingly realistic. It’s amazing how each candle looks good enough to eat!

webake candle 3

Photo from WeBake Candle

They’ve got a wide variety of dessert-inspired candles to choose from. Some of their bestsellers include the French macarons, cute mini cakes, cheesecakes, and even your favorite Starbucks lattes.

If you’re wondering how they smell, well, they’ll definitely make your home smell like a cafe or a bakery.

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“I started with dessert candle collection and blended them with scents that match the design,” shares Nerrie. So, if you want your space to smell like croissants or waffles effortlessly, just light up one of these candles!

webake candle 2

Photo from WeBake Candle

For the holidays, WeBake Candle also released a new collection of Christmas-inspired dessert candles. A few of the scents and designs include brownies, pistachio ice cream, and chocolate jelly.

While these dessert candles look amazing as centerpieces and home decor for Christmas, make sure to warn your guests that these mouthwatering desserts are not edible.

If you want your home to smell like Christmas but don’t want “desserts” lying around the house, you can also check out WeBake Candle’s Christmas in a Jar collection. The scents include fig & thyme, choco mint, kiwi, and sweet cinnamon apple–it’s just like what Christmas should smell like.

webake candle 5

Photo from WeBake Candle

Just because these candles are in a tin can, it doesn’t mean that it looks just like any other scented candle around. The Christmas in a Jar collection includes candy-like designs on the surface. It still makes us drool, especially the Gummy Bear candle.

All of their candles are also handcrafted from vegan soy wax and are non-toxic. It looks good, smells good, and feels good, too. “Plus if you’re on a diet, these are perfect for you. You do not need to eat this, you can just smell them or burn them, literally!” adds Nerrie.

They have such a wide variety of products, so we’re sure that you’ll find the scented candle version of your favorite desserts. If not, then watch out for next year because they’ll be releasing new designs of their dessert-inspired candles.

You can shop through their social media or through Shopee.

WeBake Candle



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