LOOK: These Poke Tacos Are Our Newest Food Obsession

One of our favorite things about the rise of small businesses and online food brands is the creativity and innovation that they bring to the (literal) table. It’s amazing to see new and unique dishes that other people think of—just like these poke tacos.

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These mouthwatering poke tacos are the original creation of The Blue Apron. Started in 2020 by Chef Ina Bilbao and Kitchie Berba, this online food brand started out as a kitchen experiment. This, of course, led to their innovative and mouthwatering poke tacos.

If you’re familiar with the delicious Hawaiian poke bowls, the poke tacos are a new, unique, and more fun way to enjoy the savory dish! The poke taco is essentially a smaller serving of the main poke ingredients all cradled into a crispy shell made out of tempura nori.

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I know, there’s a whole lot happening in one poke taco, but that’s exactly what makes it fun and unique!

With your first bite, you’re met with the crunch of the savory “taco shell” made of deep-fried nori sheets. Then you’ll instantly taste the explosion of flavors in your mouth thanks to the mouthwatering poke filling. Having a poke taco is definitely a foodie experience you won’t forget.

We loved the beautiful balance of the flavors of each poke taco. Everything looked and tasted intentional, and there is no doubt that each poke taco was meticulously designed and handcrafted. We could not stop eating them!

We’re also pretty sure that the minds behind The Blue Apron are constantly buzzing with new ideas because they were also able to incorporate Pinoy flavors into a single poke taco.

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Their complete menu of poke taco flavors now includes the Sinful Salmon, the Tempting Tuna, the Super Sisig, the Krazy Kani, and the new Shawarma poke taco. And yes, all of these flavors are done so excellently that they’re all worth a try.

The Blue Apron has done an amazing job offering a new food experience to adventurous foodies. Who knew you can combine Japanese, Mexican, Hawaiian, and Filipino cuisines in just a couple of bites?

If you’re someone who always loves to try new things and you’re very open to new flavors and unique dishes, then the poke tacos from The Blue Apron should most definitely be on your radar.

Promo Alert!

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, The Blue Apron is offering the Valentine’s Day Bundle which includes a Poke Tacos™️ box of 5, a bouquet of dried flowers, and a P300 gift card! The bundle is valued at PHP 1895, but you can get it at their special bundled price of PHP 1695!

This is only available for pre-order so get your bundle now!

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