LOOK: These Plant Lovers Turned Their Passion Into A Thriving Business

It’s no secret that plants can transform any space from bare to beautiful. With just a few sprays here and there and occasional sun bathing – taking care of plants is an easy-peasy activity. No wonder, a lot of urban-dwelling young professionals and creatives are obsessed with them.

Wanna join in the fun or planning to get yourself a new green baby soon?

Good thing, Shop Tilly, is here to help you out. It is an online store that allows everyone to have plants of their own despite the color of their thumbs. Summer and Rani, the two-plant obsessed ladies who are behind the brand, love supplying happiness in a pot. “Our goal is to create a living masterpiece, keeping the plant babies unique and interesting. It is our duty to stretch the branches into your spaces, ready and established for indoor keeping. We like to keep the green conversations going.”, the two shared.

Shop Tilly 4

Summer who already has 7 varieties of pothos plants, shows no sign of giving up her goal to discover the world of these heart-shaped vining plant. She loves to style greeneries into conversational pieces by combining decorative planters, foliage, and organic elements. This girl is behind all the social media happenings, including the lovely photographs and the awesome feed.

On the other hand, Rani is the infamous plant-a-holic who would travel the ends of the world to search for the most unusual plant creature that she could show off along with her peculiar collection. She loves having conversations with local gardeners and experts about plants and anything growing under the sun. She’s also in charge of replenishing the greenhouse with more greens and supplies.

Summer and Rani’s skills, interests and talents complement each other in the same way that sunlight and rain work together in order to nurture plants. Hence, all their products are well taken care of and curated from plants to pots in order to provide only the best to their fellow plant enthusiasts. This is also how they naturally turned their hobby and passion into a thriving brand and business.

Check out some of the plants we scored from Shop Tilly below.

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No worries, their plants with pots and home accessories are affordable and surely within your home styling budget as they only range from Php 250.00 to Php 3,500.00.

Interested? You may shop their feed here.

Shop Tilly

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