LOOK: These photos make these frames look like PORTALS! Wow!

I love art. We love art. I love when art looks magical. And this is pretty magical to me!

Twitter user @nicfrancis117 photographed his model to look like he was disappearing in the frames he was holding up.

With a bit of photo manipulation, the photos transformed into something magical, like portals in real life.

Check out the before:

And these are the after:

Seriously, too cool. When asked about what inspired him to create the photos, he answered with:

Actually, I haven’t shared with anyone yet about what inspired me to formulate this concept, well the thing is, my friends and colleagues know me as a a very outgoing person, that I can easily connect with different types of person, on the contrary, I am still working hard to connect with myself, like finding what is really my worth and I guess it’s safe to say that I’m still on a journey to self discovery, who am I as a person.

Beautiful. 🙁 We’re so excited for this photographer’s future!

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