LOOK: These new stills from the next “Game of Thrones” episodes look intense!

After the shocking events that transpired in this TV-behemoth’s penultimate episode, many of us are wondering just how it’s going to end. We’re all itching to know the finale–whether it’s a good or bad itch depends on you. Seeing these two new stills from the next episode just has us even more nervous/anxious/excited!

Caution: Possible spoilers ahead! Turn away now if you don’t want to see!

A nervous-looking Tyrion stands amidst the destruction, likely addressing Daenerys or someone else from their alliance. He doesn’t look too happy–is he being confronted about letting Jaime free? Is he being accused of treason? Or is he just overwhelmed by the destruction of a city once held and ruled by his family?

The next still has Daenerys standing over a burning King’s Landing. The city is in ruins and she stands at the head of it all, surrounded by her Unsullied and quite possibly what remains of the Northmen. What could this mean? Has she taken hold of the capital? Is it hers? Or is she about to address someone who wants to take her down? What could this mean for the dragon queen?

We’ll just have to see!

What do you think will happen? Let us know!

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