LOOK: These Local Leather Goods Are A Great Addition To Your Closet For The New Year

With the new year just in, I’m sure a lot of us are itching to either use the new things we’ve got from Christmas or get new things to celebrate the new year. If you haven’t gotten any Christmas shopping for yourself because you’re just the kind of person who puts others first (kudos to you!), we’ve got some suggestions of what to get yourself for the new year.

Mayvn Leather Goods is the local brand that could be the greatest addition to your closet for this new year.

Just established in June of 2017, Mayvn is all about creating simple yet high-quality leather goods that can easily be personalized and accessorized to anyone’s liking.

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When asked about the name of the brand, Jacques Reyes and Camille Juco, the duo behind Mayvn, explains: “Derived from the Yiddish word meyvn, which means ‘one who understands’, our name is our commitment to always understand and acknowledge that no two individuals have the same taste in fashion. We promote uniqueness and individuality by offering a varied selection of pieces and by giving you the means to personalize each to your liking. Mayvn is about creating something that screams your name, not ours.”

As soon as I opened up my package from Mayvn, I instantly fell in love with how simple yet elegant the designs were. Their bags and pouches can easily be part of one’s wardrobe staples because of the unique yet functional designs.

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Camille Juco says that the usability of their products are also a huge priority, and it’s definitely evident.

“Before launching any product, we test the items out — mobility, ease of use, practicality, then we tweak the designs to make it better,” she says. She adds that she and Jacques Reyes personally handpick the designs and materials.

They’ve got a wide variety of leather goods–from bags, pouches, card holders, to personalized leather bag accessories!

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What I personally love about their products is how excellently made each one is, and when they say “high-quality” it truly is. Every stitch is strong and precise. The materials used are sturdy and definitely made to last.

Mayvn Leather Goods is the new year’s gift that’s sure to be worth your while. You’d have luxury leather goods that could stand the test of time and support a local brand at the same time! Your 2018 self will thank you for this new wardrobe addition.

Mayvn Leather Goods

0906 211 8235

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