LOOK: These hearty lasagna platters will make any meal a celebration!

So, the holiday season is over and you’ve already begun reheating your leftovers. But just because we’re already in the first week of the new year, doesn’t mean the celebrations should stop–especially when it comes to mouthwatering food.

Want to level up your meals for the rest of the year? Doña Mila’s Lasagna is your source for delicious lasagna platters that will make your every meal feel like a celebration. Doña Mila’s has always aimed to take lasagna to the next level since 1990, but it only started taking online orders last August 2016.

Doña Mila’s is unlike the typical lasagna you see on fast-food chains nowadays. Every bite is a testimony. They spared no expense when it comes to using only the freshest ingredients for this lasagna. Each slice is filled with savory meat, seasoned to perfection. One bite and you can feel the silky cream oozing with the rich melted cheese on top. It’s your perfect lasagna.

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The best part is that there’s no hassle. You can get a generous platter of lasagna in just one click. After they confirm your order, it’ll only be a matter of time before your lasagna arrives, piping hot, right at your doorstep. No need to do the groceries. No need to cook. No need to wash piles of dishes. The best lasagna is just one call away.

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Food brings people together, and this lasagna is perfect for the new year celebration with your family. Make sure to get their bestselling Baked Lasagna, famed for its meaty red sauce, creamy filling, and cheesy topping. If you want to be more adventurous, you can also opt for their Pesto Lasagna which is baked in creamy pesto sauce. Another treat for the spice-lovers is their Curry Macaroni. It’s basically Mac n’ Cheese with a kick.

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So what are you waiting for? Make good memories. Take a hearty bite of the best lasagna you’ll ever eat: Doña Mila’s Premium Lasagna.

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