LOOK: These Guys Take On The #FeelAtHomeChallenge And Visit Jollibee In Towels!

For the people who just adores food, there would be those who would willingly drop everything at the slightest hint of a food craving. Other food-lovers have their favorite restaurant that they’d visit so regularly it’s almost like their second home.

For Shibib Mamaludin and his friends, they are both of these types of people.

He and his friends actually went to Jollibee wearing just towels, looking fresh out of the shower!

He posted pictures of this Jollibee visit and it instantly went viral. Check out the post below:

Shibib clarified in the post that it was all part of the #FeelAtHomeChallenge which has been trending online lately. It challenges people to go to public places and establishments and act as if they were at home.

He commended the management of Jollibee for letting them inside to order and eat even if they were wearing such ridiculous ‘outfits’. No judgements at all!

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He also shared in the photos’ captions what they were really thinking as they did the challenge–including second thoughts and wanting to back out. Nevertheless, netizens were in awe of these guys’ guts. Some of them also decided to take on the challenge as well.

This probably means that we’ll be seeing more of people feeling at home in the most ridiculous places. Tbh, I’m looking forward to it.

Where would you do the #FeelAtHomeChallenge? Share it with us!

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