LOOK: These grapes cost half a million pesos, one grape costs P23,000!

In central Japan, you will soon be able to buy one grape (yes, not grapes) at 23,000 pesos or $460.


Photo Credit: Kyodo News

Known for being extraordinarily juicy, the red grapes which are called “Ruby Roman” has a bit of acidity but has a great amount of sugar content.

During the first auction of the season, these grapes were bought on Tuesday, July 9, which cost 1.2 million yen ($11,000 which is roughly 560,000 pesos when converted to Philippine currency. Now, it has been marked as the most expensive breed since it came to the market 12 years ago.

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Each grape of this breed, weighing more than 20 grams, has been produced by the Ishikawa prefectural government.

Takashi Hosokawa, a manager of a Japanese inn that is operated by the company who bought the grapes shared: “We offered 1.2 million yen to mark the 12 years (since the grape came on the market) and to celebrate Reiwa’s first auction.”

“We would like to convey to our customers our exhilaration when we held the (box of) grapes,” Hosokawa added.

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