LOOK: These Gorgeous Local Backpacks are Made Out of Genuine Leather

Backpacks are usually made for function over form.

It’s all about the capacity, the many pockets, and compartments. But while most backpacks focus more on what it can hold, that doesn’t mean that you should forget about aesthetics when choosing your pack!

Local brand Laktad offers backpacks that combine function with world-class quality and gorgeous designs. Established earlier this year, Laktad is a local bag brand that specializes in backpacks made out of genuine cow leather, providing the durability, quality, and look that other materials can’t provide.

laktad 2

Laktad was created out of the founders’ passion to pursue quality, class, and excellence. This vision is very much evident in the products that they create. With one look at their bags, you can instantly the careful effort put into the creation of the backpacks.

It’s really not such a shock that the bags are well-made since each of their products are exclusively made in Marikina City, the city known for beautifully-crafted leather goods.

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laktad 3

Laktad chooses to use only full-grain genuine cow leather. According to the founders, there are many advantages to the cow leather that they use:

For starters, no two backpacks are exactly the same. This is because no two patches of hides are exactly the same. This brings about a certain exclusivity and uniqueness that we want to embody in our backpacks. Additionally, the utilization of genuine leather ensures that the durability of our backpacks are next to none.”

laktadPhoto courtesy of Laktad

Plus, real leather does not have any hint of plastic, so they’re also eco-friendly. They also use brass metals for the accessories for an even classier look.

But after all of these note-worthy factors, what’s probably their biggest (literally) selling point is the space that their backpacks offer. Laktad’s backpacks can easily carry all of your baggage—and more.

Laktad has all the essentials for a must-have backpack—world-class quality, durability, sleek designs, and all the capacity to carry your necessities. Plus, it’s proudly Pinoy-made. Make sure to add Laktad to your list of daily essentials!