LOOK: These foldable bottles and cups will be stylish eco-friendly gifts this holiday season!

If you’re still thinking about what to give your friends and family this holiday season, why not give them a gift that the whole world will be thankful for? Why not focus on sustainability this holiday season?

Not so sure where to start? Here’s something that combines style with sustainability. Kool is a local brand that offers products that are geared toward an environment-friendly lifestyle. A few of their products are the foldable bottle and foldable cup.

The foldable bottle is made out of non-toxic silicone and comes with a stainless steel cap that keeps your drinks inside. It can hold up to half a liter when expanded but can shrink to half its size when folded. Super convenient if you ask me. Plus, it’s lightweight and comes in many stylish colors.

Kool’s foldable cup, on the other hand, is perfect for all of your coffee runs. This is also made of non-toxic silicone and can hold up to 12 ounces. It comes with an airtight and leak-proof cover, plus an integrated heat sleeve that will protect your hands from the steaming hot drinks you’re going to be pouring into this cup. The best part? It shrinks to less than 2 inches when folded! I’m never using a disposable cup again.

The foldable cup also comes in many bright colors that it will feel even better to be sipping coffee from this cup instead of overpriced disposable cups.

Aside from these foldable products, Kool also brings the environmentally-friendly lifestyle to stylish phone cases! These are made out of biodegradable and recyclable materials such as glass and bamboo, and they make such trendy phone accessories.

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Kool definitely offers more than just sustainability, but also function and style. It’s the complete package! I’m sure that your friends and family will be extremely grateful for gifts that will not only be for them but even for the environment.




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