LOOK: These Fab Clothes Were Made For The Country’s Hot Weather

Many of us probably think about how our clothes are going to feel in the heat before we buy new fashion items. In this country’s heat, priorities when it comes to shopping for clothes include its suitability to the Philippines’ tropical heat. Well, worry not because this new fashion brand creates fashionable pieces that are perfect for the summer heat.


Samalamig, only barely a year old, is a local clothing line that “that offers ‘literally cool clothing’ for women to lounge in”. It was established by Bernice Gutierrez, who wanted to start her own business while being a real estate agent. And with Samalamig being an online boutique, you can easily get their clothes wherever you are!

The brand is aptly named after the classic Pinoy refreshment samalamig because it reminds us all of the fun and nostalgic summers that we can still enjoy with their stylish clothes.

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samalamig 1 4Sago button down

Samalamig offers simple yet chic pieces that “make dressing up, or dressing down in this case, effortless while keeping in mind the tropical weather of the country.” They have various designs that are perfect for any occasion–from easy strolls by the beach on the weekends to going into the office on weekdays!

samalamig 1 3Macapuno slip top

I’m personally a fan of the Macapuno slip tops (yes, that’s what it’s called!) because it’s so easy to wear and it easily goes with anything.

samalamig 1 2

Plus, they’re made out of very light and breezy fabric that makes it so enjoyable to wear. And the pieces are either creaseless or they look better wrinkled so that you wearers don’t have to worry about ironing.

Samalamig is literally so cool that it’s no surprise if their pieces become Pinay’s go-to brand for daily wear. Follow Samalamig on social media for more updates on new designs!

samalamig thumbnail e1556959261293Photos from Samalamig