LOOK: These designer-made custom Indomie sneakers look lit!

We’ve seen all sorts of shoe concepts. A Spongebob collection, Gundam-inspired sneaks, and even ones made from denim! Apart from those wild sneaker designs available in the market, some fans would take it a notch further and customize their own pair!

One designer is currently the talk of the town for his unusual customized sneaks. This time, he turned his black and white basketball shoes into a green and red Indomie-inspired one.

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Mr. Simply Custom or @mr.s.custom posted a picture of his work on his Instagram page a few days ago. Since then, it has gained thousands of likes and compliments from the sneaker community.

In another Instagram post, he announced that he will be making and selling only 20 pairs of custom shoes. Due to the hype it received, we’re guessing these will show up on buy-and-sell websites with a heavy price tag!

Aside from the noodle-themed shoes, Mr. Simply Custom has also done a few awesome custom sneaker designs like Game of Thrones, One Piece, and Joker. We can’t wait to see more interesting works from him!

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