LOOK: These Cookie-Cupcakes Are Definitely Going to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth

Words by Cole Mañalac

Photos by Heather Co

The sweet tooth is a disease that has infected almost every Filipino at one point in their lives. The thought of the perfect sugary dessert is absolutely breathtaking, with hundreds of bakeries and concessionaries carrying run-of-the-mill cupcakes and cookies. Yet, the idea of an amalgam between the former and the latter was near unheard of. Until one brand became Dr. Frankenstein and began to merge both of those sweet, sweet delicacies together. That delicious creation became the product of Cookie Break!

The cookie-cupcakes of Cookie Break (or for the sake of convenience, cookie-cakes) are a fantastic breath of fresh air as compared to the usual flat cookies we’re used to. As soon as you get them from the packaging, you immediately begin to notice why I call them cookie-cakes. They’re cookies with a cupcake base and whipped cream on top! If that isn’t eye-catching, I don’t know what is. What makes it even better is that they’re instantly instagrammable since something so unique and peculiar is definitely something you want to tell your friends about.

When you bite into the cookie-cake, you’re instantly transported into another dimension, consumed by the sweetness. The filling inside the cookie is breathtaking, with the chocolate inside giving you a sweet kiss of deliciousness. Besides that, the chewiness of the dessert will make you want to keep on biting into it. It makes the sweet ecstasy gained from each bite make you feel more and more indulgent.

With that, there are different toppings to the cookies! The ones we’ve tried so far are the regular whipped cream with a cherry on top, and the other being a smores-like cream on the top! Honestly, you can’t go wrong with picking either, but the cherry topping is much more reminiscent of an actual cake. It’s like an old reliable kind of thing, where you know you can always rely on it for a sound bite.

The smores-cream topping is like a camping adventure since the taste is almost similar to that of a marshmallow. The smoked look also helps in presentation, since as soon as I saw the aesthetics of the cookie-cake, I immediately thought of roasted marshmallows and graham cookies. In a way, it still technically is a smore. With the graham being replaced with a chocolate chip cookie. Both are delicious and always there to keep you company if you can’t decide on one.

If you’re looking for a fantastic, chewy, sweet, and delicious bite to eat, look no further than to get them from Cookie Break. Cookie Break has really done well in making these cookies something to watch out for, and it shows with how well-made their sweets are. Other than that, you can see that there are real love and effort put into these cookies, so you are always guaranteed a tasty dessert or snack if you get from them.

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