LOOK: These Colorful Photos of MassKara Will Make You Want to Go to Bacolod Next Time Around!

Bacolod is popular as a friendly city. Hence, it bears the nickname the “City of Smiles.”

Every year, on October, a festival that embodies this characteristic is held. The MassKara Festival is held every third weekend of October or on the closest weekend to October 19 in Bacolod City.

MassKara comes from the combination of the word mass (a multitude of people) and the Spanish word “cara” (face). Therefore, MassKara means a multitude of faces. Moreover, participants of the festival wear “maskara” (masks) and the prominent feature on these masks are the smiles.

It truly is a celebration!

This couple even decided to take an impromptu photoshoot at the parade on their wedding day!


We searched Instagram for some of the best snapshots of MassKara Festival that will make you want to visit Bacolod City next October.

“Maskaras” for the festival

There’s a streetdance of people donning smiling “maskaras”

Some street dancers go all out with matching costumes with their “maskaras”

And some costumes are “electric!”

Some really put their A-game on the costumes!

Some were “framed”


Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet! #StreetDancing #CityOfSmiles #Bacolod #MasskaraFestival2016

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Some even have their own pedestals

Next year, let’s?

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