LOOK: These Car Owners Put Scary Decals to Discourage High-Beam Drivers


When driving at night, it’s not only annoying but also unsafe to be driving with someone who is on high-beam behind you. The high ray of light can cause glare and can make it for you to see the road. However, sometimes other drivers can be inconsiderate and they continue driving on high beam despite the safety risks imposed on other drivers on the road.

Looks like there’s a solution for that now.

These drivers in China are installing scary decals on the rear of their cars to discourage drivers from behind in using high beam.

The scary decals appear like images of ghosts and spirits. You would not want to see that when driving at night, would you?

scary-car-decals-1 scary-car-decals-3

Can we get something like this in the Philippines?

Might prove to be useful, right?


According to the makers of the car decals, these decals are not visible at night unless you are in high beam. We haven’t seen them though so we’ll just take their word for it. However, they said the decals are a hit and they are inexpensively priced at around ¥76 (~PhP 550). You can see more of these decals on this Chinese mall site here.

What do you think of these decals? Will they be useful?