LOOK: These Cake Cups Represent the 2022 Presidentiables!

Elections are fast approaching and conversations on the next president of the Philippines are heating up. Now is the time to let your voice be heard and #CakeYourPick whether you’re a registered voter or not. Exercise your right to choose our country’s next leader.. over a cup of cake!

Kumori launches their Presidentiables Cake Cups, a fun and delicious way to raise awareness and promote your chosen candidate in the Philippines’ upcoming presidential elections. Each cake cup features the face of a presidential aspirant for May 2022—Vice President Leni Robredo, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, Senator Ping Lacson, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., and boxer Manny Pacquiao. But you may ask, so how does this work?

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First step: Choose your flavor. Kumori’s cake cups come in five different flavors: Okinawa Milk Tea, Summer Strawberry, Choco Crumble, Butterscotch Dates, and Ube Halaya.The Okinawa Milk Tea Cake Cup, a household favorite, starts with a crunchy crumble base and is layered with a super soft sponge cake, then topped off with a generous icing that comes in the form of a creamy milk tea mousse created using Serenitea’s best selling Okinawa Milk Tea and made richer with cream cheese.

Edited Isko

The Summer Strawberry Cake Cup has a strawberry mousse filling that seals in all the moisture of the strawberries, making this cake cup an instant favorite. It’s layered with a sponge base, strawberry syrup, and sliced strawberries that give it a spectacular fruity flavor and moist texture.

Edited Leni

The Choco Crumble Cake Cup is crafted with a generous serving of chocolate. This delightful cake is made of a fluffy chocolate sponge, decadent chocolate crumble, chocolate mousse, and topped with dark chocolate drizzle, and caramel. Each bite is truly a heavenly chocolate treat!

Edited BBM

The Butterscotch Dates Cake Cup is a perfect blend of dates and butterscotch. The dates provide a full, sweet, satisfying base layer and is followed by a soft and scrumptious butterscotch mousse. This beauty is then crowned with whipped cream and topped off with crumble for that extra texture.

Edited Lacson

The Ube Halaya Cake Cup is a delightful take on your favorite classic Filipino dessert. It has a soft ube sponge base, layered with real ube halaya filling, ube mousse, then topped with ube flavored whipped cream to create layers of goodness. The ube halaya adds an indulgent taste to each bite.

Edited Manny

After choosing your flavor, what’s next? You choose your president. Kumori’s Presidentiables Cake Cups allow you to mix and match your preferred cake flavor with the label of your candidate of choice. While choosing a president is no easy task, you can have fun while participating in this informal and unofficial presidential poll as you explore which flavor (and candidate) suits your taste the best.

Also available in boxes of four, these cake cups are definitely Instagram-worthy so you can also campaign for your candidates online by posting your cake cups with the hashtag #CakeYourPick and tagging @kumoriph so we can also see the pulse of the nation. Let’s all join hands and make the right decision to vote for a batter Philippines!

The new Presidentiables Cake Cups will be available at all Kumori branches. You can also order online through the Kumori website (www.kumori.com.ph) or through Grabfood, FoodPanda, Metromart, and Pickaroo.

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