LOOK: These beautiful macarons made me do a double take and omg, they’re too cute

Sometimes we just need a little pick-me-up, especially with the state of the world lately. Whether it’s a good nap (that you don’t wake up from wondering what year it is) or a delicious snack to take the edge off, everyone’s got a different thing to get them going. Me? It’s cute desserts. And I have found the cutest.

Look at them! So well-crafted, the macarons are baked beautifully, and so artistically done. Look at the detail on their Christmas mascot, Mayo. The brush strokes are thoughtful and precious, just like every other detail they’ve lovingly put together. Macarons are temperamental treats, one wrong move and they deflate or crack or the “feet” brown too much, but all of these are so smooth and beautiful and I can already imagine how delicious they must be. You can already tell that the person who made these made them with love and care. And that alone makes my heart warm.

Macarose is killing the macaron game for sure. Here are some more photos to inspire you:

The minty pink… So beautiful.

They’re also currently accepting orders! Check out their Instagram for more info. They also serve cakes, cookies, and all kinds of baked goods. Can’t wait to get my hands on some!

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