LOOK: These Bags Are Perfect When Traveling with Kids!

It’s finally the kids’ vacation and if you are a mom like me, it’s sure that you want to kick back, relax, and create some lasting memories with them.


One of the most stressful things to do when traveling is packing for the family, in my case, I am packing for a 4-day trip to Singapore with my 4-year-old daughter. I only bought 1 baggage allowance for luggage so I have to ensure that all of our stuff will fit in. So we decided to bring our large Herschel luggage to fit everything.

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Our Herschel hardshell luggage is made of  70% recycled polycarbonate and is built to absorb the bumps and tumbles that come with busy airports and no more worries about cracked suitcases.

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The luggage has Hinomoto wheels means a smooth and silent wheel. It also has a split-compartment design that allows for organized packing. It’s perfect if you want to separate dirty laundry from clean clothes or dedicate a compartment to kid-specific essentials like pajamas and stuffed animals.

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Herschel offers a variety of sizes and colors and what we are using is the Large or 95L in the color nirvana which is a purple hue. I can’t even remember how much luggage I have that has cracks or broken wheels. So I am so glad that the bag we got is backed by Herschel’s limited lifetime warranty.

You can check out the Herschel Hardshell Luggage here.

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Another bag that we instantly loved for traveling is the Herschel Heritage backpack. If you are traveling with a child, you must have all they need especially during the flight. This backpack contained all her toys, snacks, and other essentials so we could travel hassle-free.

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We loved this timeless timeless signature silhouette, but sized for children who are 3 – 7 years old that we can also use for school. This is also made of recycled fabrics, has sternum straps for easier carrying, has a water bottle pocket for easy access and of course, has a limited lifetime warranty too.

You can check out the Herschel Heritage Youth Backpack here

If you are preparing for your next family travel and looking for reliable bags, Herschel has everything for the family. From hand carry, carry on and even to cute fashion pieces.

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