LOOK: These Are Rainbow-Colored Corn Cobs In Zamboanga

In the age of Instagram trends like rainbow hair, here comes rainbow-colored corn!

rainbow corn

No longer just gold-colored, there’s a new variant of corn that has rainbow-colored kernels that just looks too pretty to eat!

According to ABS-CBN News, the colorful corn was bought from Indonesia and Thailand in 2016, and was planted in a farm in Barangay Bolong about three months ago.

Mark Basaluddin, owner of the farm where these differently colored corn variants grow, said:

“I tried planting the unique variant just because the vibrant colors of the corn made me curious.”

Even though the rainbow-colored corn clearly stands out, it apparently doesn’t taste any different from ordinary corn.

Basaluddin is now testing the local market to see if the product would actually fly among consumers.

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