LOOK: These Are Pretty Cheesecake Snowglobes!

They are honestly too pretty to eat but you have to, it’s delicious!

Owned by Jamie Uy, Jamie’s Artisan Blooms started during the lockdown. What started out to be a hobby had evolved into a business that gained a loyal following through Instagram. Jamie shares that art has always been her passion and making these blooms freehand is just like a painting.

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These beautiful cakes are made out of jello and cheesecake while the blooms inside are made of flavored gelatin. Since each snowglobe is handcrafted, each piece is unique and are never the same as another.

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Since these cakes go through transit, it is best if you refrigerate them for a few hours before eating them. This ensures that the cheesecake at the bottom of the cake doesn’t melt and it’ll be easier to take out the cakes from the molds.


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Each cake is packed nicely in globe-shaped molds and you might be tempted to just display them, but don’t! It’s delicious so give in and taste them.

The jello is not too sweet but the texture is just right and bouncy. The cheesecake on the other hand tastes great and when eaten with the jello, the flavors can mix perfectly. The kids will love it too!

Jamie’s Artisan Blooms is a perfect gift for your loved ones or a little something for your R&R at home.

Jamie’s Artisan Blooms

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