LOOK: These are Eco-friendly Bamboo Diapers

They say it’s bad for the environment to have babies and it’s a true. The diapers that a baby uses in a lifetime are too much and most diapers available in the market are not biodegradable or made out of plastic.

I haven’t heard of Bamboo Diapers until I saw Ecoboom online.

Ecoboom Bamboo Diapers started their operations in 2018 and products are manufactured in China with materials coming from Japan and Europe. The company wanted to provide eco-friendly alternatives for the regular diapers.

The products are made out of bamboo which is a more eco-friendly alternative since bamboo grows 1000x faster than other trees. The fibers are also softer than of others, making the diapers more comfortable for babies.

Aside from being made out of bamboo, the products are chlorine free which makes it gentler for the sensitive skin of babies.

According to the brand, the diapers biodegrades at around 61% in 75days.

To the touch, you would think that the diapers won’t absorb much because of its thinness and softness but it actually can absorb up to 785ml for the XL size.

I have tried many diapers but Ecoboom are long lasting for my newborn and are very soft and are not scaly to the touch.

I love how simple the design is, it is plain white and only has a wetness indicator. This enables me to dress up my baby without worrying about the diaper color showing from the outside (yes, i’m that OC).

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Here is wheninmanila.com’s Astrid who was sleeping like an angel wearing her Ecoboom during a photoshoot.

You can order their diapers online or visit The Parenting Emporium to see the products up close!

How about you? Have you discovered an eco-friendly alternative for your baby?

Ecoboom Bamboo Diapers

Mobile No. 0920 632 4231


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