LOOK: These are Called the Ecuadorian Roses and Guys, They’re so Beautiful

“No matter what a girl says, she always wants flowers.” I remember reading that in college. I used to not be a big fan of flowers, but I grew to like them, eventually. I learned that it could be a really special thing, especially when given by a loved one.

Imagine receiving a beautiful set of flowers—and not just the regular ones but Ecuadorian Roses.


What makes Ecuadorian Roses different from normal roses?

When you look at Ecuadorian Roses, you would automatically notice their size. It is quite bigger than normal roses and it comes in different colors. These are natural colors and not a spray-on coloring. It can also last to a month!


We found Fiora Manila a few years back and  instantly fell in love with their flower buckets of Ecuadorian Roses. Yes, flower buckets. Instead of ordering bouquets, why don’t you try flower boxes or buckets instead?


Each Fiora Flower Box contains pieces of large Ecuadorian Roses, with purple angel’s breath as an accent.


If you want to send one to your colleagues or clients, you can have the box customized with your own logo.


Or you can have them put the name of your loved one instead.


It is a perfect gift because it can be personalized, so it’s extra special.


Or if you want something that will last longer, you can get a preserved rose from Fiora, too.



Like the flower boxes and buckets, you can have the box personalized with a logo, name or greeting.


The preserved rose is neatly tucked into a box with a fiberglass cover to keep it from dust. This can last for up to a year or even more! It’s up to you if you want to cover it or show it off but you have to know that leaving the box open will make its life shorter.

Whether for a loved one, a friend or a client, Fiora Manila is the perfect place to order for your floral needs. They offer great value for money and the quality will never disappoint. I mean, just look at those Ecuadorian Roses. Such a beaut.

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