LOOK: There’s An App Made Exclusively For Pets!

Being a pet parent is no easy task.

There goes your regular vaccinations, vet appointments, grooming schedules, play dates and all, on top of taking care of your pets and doing your daily personal errands.

But hey, did you know that there’s an app exclusively made for pets? Yup, pet parenting is now made easier and handier through The Petter!

The Petter is a newly launched iOs application that helps pet parents keep track of their paw babies’ lives. It allows users to input their pets’ basic information, health records, appointments, contacts and photos. Sharing pet profiles with other users is also possible which is very helpful in pet-sitting instances.

Here are some of the photos to give you an idea of how it works.


That’s my baby, Pheebo the cat.


It’s so cool, right?

Make sure to download The Petter on your mobile phones and you’ll never have to miss any pet-related appointment ever again.

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