LOOK: There’s a Mini Doraemon Museum in Bataan!

Do you still remember the Robotic Cat from the future that can produce any item from his magic pocket? Yes, he is Doraemon! Many of us watched it every morning when it was aired on the Kapuso Network.

Doraemon is loved by many kids and kids at heart. Some of them even collect different kinds of Doraemon stuff.

Chelley Silva, from Orani, Bataan, is one of the biggest fans of the Robot Cat and started collecting in 2011. She has a huge and unique collection of Doraemon items – from stuffed toys to kitchen wares to school and office supplies to bags. Among her collection, her most favorite items are the-30 inch Doraemon figure that she bought from Hong Kong and the Doraemon figure made from Swarovski from Taiwan.

Because of her awesome collection, her house was dubbed as a “mini Doraemon Museum”.  Some of her co-collectors are very lucky to have the chance to visit her in Bataan and experience the “mini museum”. Plus, they can even bring home some Doraemon souvenir items.

Chelley Silva and her huge Doraemon Collection

The 30-inch Doraemon figure.

Doraemon figure made from Swarovski.

Doraemon Christmas Tree.

Bahay ni Doraemon shirts serve as souvenirs for the collectors.

Aside from her growing collection, she also spends her time giving back through “Ang Mahiwagang Regalo Ni Doraemon”, a gift-giving and feeding activity every June and December that helps the less fortunate children of Bataan. Each kid receives a gift, a hot meal and other necessities. Of course, the program is Doraemon-themed.

Bahay ni Doraemon gift giving activity

Last September 19, JLine Comics and Marketing Corp, the publisher of Doraemon Comics with a copyright for the Philippines, also visited Bahay ni Doraemon.

Chelley Silva with JLine Comics-Japan and JLine Comics-Philippines

When asked why she loves Doraemon, she simply answers: “Pag mahal mo ba, kailangan may dahilan?” Exactly, right?

Mini Doraemon Museum in Bataan

“Bahay ni Doraemon”

Orani, Bataan

Visits are by schedule: contact Ms. Chelley Silva at 0921-4070530


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