LOOK: There’s a Basketball Court Inside a Bar in BGC!

ICYMI, a basketball court suddenly appeared in the middle of Xylo BGC!

As we tip off the NBA Finals, Hennessy is taking basketball fans into a new and ballin’ experience as they created a basketball court inside Xylo BGC.

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Game Never Stops for a basketball-loving country and it is just right that Hennessy and the NBA are celebrating its partnership in the Philippines. It’s a true testament to how the NBA goes beyond borders and changes the game. With NBA’s partnership with Hennessy, they are changing how the game is changing its culture on and off the court.

Basketball is played on the court but the game is everywhere

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“Right now, there are 84 countries that are activating the partnership and the Philippines is one of them. The good news about that is the Philippines is one of the biggest markets of the NBA so we are very happy to have that partnership. I think it’s a win-win situation for both Hennessy and NBA”, said Gio Robles, Moët Hennessy’s Marketing Manager.

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It can be remembered that Hennessy and NBA took the game to the streets of BGC last year as they strengthen basketball culture in the Philippines and this year’s efforts raised the bar as it combined basketball, fashion, music, dance and so much more as they culminated in the NBA finals.

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“We’re both promoting the lifestyle of basketball and the lifestyle of Hennessy. The partnership is promoting the off-court culture, the lifestyle born out of the game”, shared Gio Robles.

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The Hennessy arena in the middle of Xylo became the basketball court where 3×3 games were held with our favorite athletes and celebrities participating.

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Team 1 included Migs Bustos, Echo Del Rio, Carolina Sangalang, Javi Palana. Team 2 has Antonio Aguirre, Mikee Reyes, Chelsey Singson, and Julo de Guzman while Team 3 has Trina Guytingco, Kiefer Indiongco, Paolo Del Rosario, and Gab Lagman. The teams battled it out as basketball lovers watched on the sidelines to see who will reign supreme in the Hennessy arena for this year.

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In the end, Team Trina won and made a mark in taking the game to a whole new level!

What better way to celebrate the night than with some signature Hennessy X NBA cocktails at the East and West Conference Bars?

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The East Bar offered the Great Lake Hoops, Parade on Atlantic, Ultimate Float, Jumpshot, and Bramble. The West Bar offered Big Tex, Calm Seas, Mission City, Jumpshot, and Bramble.

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Two crowd favorites of the night are the Calm Seas and Bramble which most guests got at the specialty bars. Bramble is the perfect mix of sweet, tangy, and fruity. Calm Seas on the other hand is a refreshing drink that’s perfect after all the activities you can do during the event.

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The night was filled with signature Hennessy drinks that were best enjoyed with amazing live performances by Curtismith, DJ Ace Ramos, and DJ Khai Lim.

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“Expect more of (this) parties, maybe another court beyond limits- similar to what we did in BGC. Maybe somewhere very exciting- it's about raising the bar. Like this time, bringing the court inside Xylo”, added Gio.

The Hennessy and NBA partnership is not yet over and it’ll bring more fun and amazing events throughout the year- because the Game Never Stops.

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Love the game? Visit the Hennessy x NBA Pop-Up at BGC until June 30!

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