LOOK: Then and now photos of Boracay show how ‘green’ the beach has become

Boracay has been on most people’s bucket list. We’ve heard amazing stories about it, how powdery soft the sand is that one can simply walk barefoot and enjoy a break with the view of the majestic sea. However, contrary to the Boracay on our minds, and the Boracay we’ve seen several years ago, the island has changed a lot.

Recently, a friend of mine visited Boracay with her family. Then, she shared this side by side photos she took of Boracay from her recent trip this 2018 and the one she took in 2012.

Take a look.

boracay then and now

Aidie Taala-Asuncion posted the photos on Facebook. She said she took both photos but only six years appear. Her photo has a caption:

Boracay then and now. Pictures personally taken by me. Not really sure if season is a factor, but swimming with the “lumot” or stepping on them is not really a pleasant experience especially when you’re in one of the best beaches in the world.

The lumot is not just in station 1 it is in the entire shore of the famous white beach. Bulabog beach is even worse! Did not even attempt to touch the water. Just so sad.

We’ve been to Boracay a few times recently and we’ve also noticed the growth of what looks like “lumot” near the shore. We do hope it is temporary.

What do you think of the two photos? Have you been to Boracay lately? Please share your photos and experiences with us!