LOOK: The World’s First Sailor Moon Restaurant is Opening This August!

We’re used to themed cafes based on popular anime and cartoons popping up here and there and then disappearing after a few months. But this time, a restaurant based on well-loved series Sailor Moon is opening its doors to fans all over the world PERMANENTLY!

Sailor Moon Shining Moon restaurant in Tokyo is set to delight fans of the franchise with Sailor Moon-inspired dishes, like the Pretty Guardian Lunch Box, Moon Prism Rice Burger, Mako-chan-invented Somen cold noodles, and the Tsukino Family’s Bunny Curry! Check out how pretty they are!

Source: Sailor Moon Shining Tokyo

The drinks and desserts are just as Instagram-perfect.

Source: Sailor Moon Shining Tokyo

What guests will be looking forward to the most, however, are the live stage shows to be held every evening! If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing the Sailor Senshi in the flesh, you’ll definitely enjoy your time watching their performances.

Sailor Moon Shining Moon Tokyo will open on August 15 at the Azabu-Juban district—the neighborhood where Usagi or Sailor Moon grew up in the manga and anime.

Lunch service will cost 3,500 yen (PHP 1,650) while dinner service will cost 7,500 to 8,500 yen (PHP 3,500 to 4,000) depending on your chosen seat. From its opening until the end of October, the restaurant will only accommodate online reservations. Walk-ins will be accepted beginning November.

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