LOOK: ‘The Simpsons’ Got a Wes Anderson-Style Makeover, and We Love It!

I have this fascination for seeing certain things or situations reimagined as a Wes Anderson film, as an avid fan and watcher of the award-winning director’s movies. So when I discovered this website giving the long-running animated cartoon series The Simpsons the signature Anderson makeover, I was completely awestruck!


Website HomeAdvisor just launched a new project wherein it redesigned The Simpsons’ house, as well as other iconic Springfield locations, by making use of Anderson’s weird and kitschy aesthetic.

Getting inspiration from some of his famous films, including The Grand Budapest HotelThe Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom, and The Darjeeling Limited, HomeAdvisor was able to turn these different places into living spaces I personally wish I could live in. Take a look:

simpsons wes anderson living room

All photos from HomeAdvisor

simpsons wes anderson bedroom

simpsons wes anderson kitchen

simpsons wes anderson moes tavern

simpsons wes anderson mr burns

simpsons wes anderson power plant

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