LOOK: The Propel Atom 1.0 Micro Drone Fits on the Palm of My Hand

propel atom 3

If you’re like me who is a newbie in the world of drones and have this worry that you might crash and damage one or might hurt people when you crash a drone on them, you might want to practice first on a micro drone.

The Propel Atom 1.0 micro drone is a nifty device, which you can consider as your first drone.

Practice makes perfect as they say and you can perfect your flying abilities using this micro drone.

propel atom 2

When I tried it, the micro drone needed some getting used to. It was a bit tough to maneuver at first but once you get the hang of it, you can successfully fly, rotate, and maneuver it in almost any way that you want to.

At first, it may feel as if it were out of control but that’s just the noob you. As you practice with it often, you can even learn to do trick shots of your own.

The Propel Atom 1.0 micro drone comes with its own remote controller and some extra blades. This comes in handy because in case you crash and damage the blades, you can easily replace them.

propel atom 4

The little gadget is a lot of fun to play with. Since it is small, it was easy to bring anywhere I go.

Moreover, charging it was pretty quick. I was even able to do so using a power bank.

Charging for 30 minutes is already enough to have fun flying time with it.

propel atom 1

As a first drone that costs less than a thousand pesos, the Propel Atom 1.0 is also a great gift for someone who’s looking into getting their first experience in flying a drone.

The Propel Atom 1.0 micro drone has a price of P998. It is available in 7-11 stores and on Lazada.

propel atom 5

Have you tried flying a micro drone? How was your experience with it?