LOOK: The Philippines’ longest boulevard amazes with these beach views

I’m a big believer of the journey being just as important as the destination, and that applies to road trips too. Long car rides don’t have to be miserable as long as traffic is light, the route is straightforward, and you can keep occupied. This boulevard connecting four towns in Camarines Norte does just that. 

camnorth 1

Photo courtesy of Gino Villafranca

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The Cory Aquino Boulevard, the longest boulevard in the Philippines at 8.7-kilometers, has recently been inaugurated. Not only does it make travel within the Bicol region faster, but it also makes it more enjoyable with the fantastic views. 

camnorth 4

Photo courtesy of Gino Villafranca

It passes through the towns of Mercedes, Daet, Talisay, and Vinzons. The Department of Tourism hopes for it to drum up visits to Calaguas Island in the town of Vinzons, Bagasbas Beach in Daet, San Jose beach in Talisay, and to the “Fish Bowl Capital” of Bicol, Mercedes. 

camnorth 3

Photo courtesy of Gino Villafranca

It is also prospected to improve the livelihood of locals, according to Camarines Norte District Engineer Roderinck Gutierrez. With the ease of travel in the area, conducting commerce should be more efficient while a tourism boost also means an increase in business. 

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Just looking at the view from the boulevard already makes any trip worth it! 

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