LOOK: The Philippines’ First Ever Basketball Victory At The Olympics

In the past years, victory and the country’s love for basketball have not been synonymous. Yet, this hasn’t stopped our country from working hard tirelessly at the sport, and if Gilas Pilipinas’ recent performances are any indication, is that we’ve definitely got a strong promising team in our hands!

FIBA seems to recognize this too, especially for a nation that is completely OBSESSED with basketball!

FIBA throwback Philippines olympics

The official Facebook page of FIBA posted this throwback photo of the time when the Philippines was one of the strongest competitors in basketball — even scoring a victory in the olympics in 1936!! That’s barely 40 years after the sport was first invented, and 10 years BEFORE the NBA was born!!

A pretty fitting tribute, considering that the Philippines will be one of the hosts for the Olympic Qualifying Tournament this 2016!!

Thoughts on this? Are you excited to watch Gilas play at the Qualifiers??