LOOK: The Palace Celebrated 2018 with One Heck of a New Year’s Eve Party

Article by Annika Villarroel
Photography by Jeanne Dizon

People say that endings are just beginnings to new adventures. As the remaining parts of the year passed us by in a frenzy of Christmas songs, presents, family gatherings, and a full stomach, we find ourselves in a rush toward January and the ever anticipated new year’s celebrations! And what better way to say farewell to the past and start a bigger and better journey than with a night that will surely set the tone for the year to come?

Just as every new blessing calls for a celebration, Valkyrie’s New Year’s Eve Party was the perfect place to do just that. It surely did not disappoint with fan favorites like QUINTINO, Kouta Kutsuma, Kenneth G, Ace Vs Mars, and Martin Pulgar who were all present for the night, giving us the soundtrack that kept everyone in their good vibes as they rang in the new year.

As the awaited moment came closer and closer, the whole crowd chanted ten…..nine…..eight….all the way down to one together, and it didn’t matter whether or not the person beside you was a stranger or not. Everyone became friends almost instantly!

The clock finally struck midnight and both couples and strangers went in for their New Year’s kisses and for those who partied sans bae, they celebrated with eager group hugs, squeals and all-around excitement with their friends instead!

And of course, the moment proved even more IG-worthy with the epic balloon drop spreading across the room and confetti cannons filling the air with color! 

To make the night and venue even more decked out? The Palace Pool Club made sure that of course, there were amazing dancers balancing on hoops all night, too. 

Nothing like a bottle of Johnnie Walker, fancy strobe lights, amazing music, and the ecstatic vibe of a room to get us pumped about the new year ahead! Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and be reminded that the best is yet to come!

What’s your favorite New Year’s Eve memory? Leave it in the comments below!


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