LOOK: The Mask Bar Offers Artistic and Stylish Face Masks That Will Keep You Safe

Since face masks are part of our daily outfits now, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose face masks that are both effective and stylish. These days, the first thing people notice about you just might be your face mask.

If you’re in the market for a variety of disposable face masks that feature vibrant colors and designs, you might want to check out Mask Bar Philippines. They are a source for fashion-forward yet functional mask brands and accessories from all over the world. If you want to make an exciting first impression on anyone you meet, the face masks from Mask Bar will definitely do the trick.

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Photo from Mask Bar Philippines

Mask Bar Philippines is currently offering 4 mask brands from Hong Kong as their pioneer line—masklab, Papery, Giman’s Care, and Kaze.

Masklab was established in 2020 and the brand quickly built a reputation for itself by introducing fashionable protective masks in Hong Kong. They’ve been known for their partnerships with designers and artists from all over the world which make their disposable KF94 respirators a lot more stylish than the ones that are commercially available.

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Photo from Mask Bar Philippines

Believe us, you’ll instantly fall in love with the gorgeous designs of these face masks. They’re all so vibrant and stunning that you wouldn’t even think that they’re disposable.

While these respirators have bespoke designs, they’re still non-toxic and have met the criteria for ASTM F2100 Level 3 certification.  These also have BFE and PFE (Bacterial and Particle Filtration Efficiency) filtering rates above 99 percent. In other words, these designer respirators are certified safe!

Mask Bar also offers beautiful ombre medical masks from Giman’s Care. You won’t have to settle with the normal blue and white (or black) basic medical masks any more thanks to Mask Bar! You can choose gorgeous color palettes featured on these medical masks—from the bright sunset-inspired design to the moody cloudy color theme.

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Photo from Mask Bar Philippines

These aesthetic medical masks from Hong Kong are also Nelson Labs tested and ASTM Level 3 Fluid Resistant. These masks are perfect if you want a subtle splash of color to your OOTD when you’re running errands!

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If you’re looking for stylish celebrity-approved masks, you can also purchase KAZE masks from Mask Bar. This brand has been seen with international celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Cardi B, and Adriana Lima. That’s how you know how fashionable these masks are!

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Photo from Mask Bar Philippines

You can choose between bold and vibrant colors or neutral palettes. Depending on your needs, you can also get KF94 respirators or KN95. I’m sure you’ll love shopping for your next face mask haul in the lively colors available.

Mask Bar doesn’t just offer chic (yet safe!) face masks, but also accessories that will help protect you from viruses and bacteria. For example, if you’re outside and about to have a meal, you don’t have to leave your mask on the table exposed to all the elements. Papery, which is another brand available on Mask Bar, offers a reusable mask folio for temporary mask storage.

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Photo from Mask Bar Philippines

Made using craft paper composed of cellulose fibers and natural oils, each mask folio is super lightweight and convenient to carry even in a small bag. On top of that, it is both washable and biodegradable—a paper product that is kind to the planet! Of course, these mask storage options also come in a variety of artsy designs to match your masks.

Trust us, if you’ve never enjoyed buying essential face masks for yourself, browsing through the Mask Bar website will definitely change that. You can get these artistic face masks through their website at www.maskbar.ph!

Mask Bar Philippines


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