LOOK: The Iconic Beach Hut Bar Is Back in Boracay!

Revenge summer travel is truly back this year. It’s exciting to see Boracay, one of the top summer destinations in the country, bustling with tourists once again!

Planning to visit the world-famous island sometime soon? You might want to check out the comeback of the iconic Beach Hut Bar.

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If you visited Boracay from 2012 to 2018, you’re probably familiar with the original Beach Hut Bar. It’s pretty hard to miss, especially with their vibrant orange exterior (reminiscent of their sunscreen packaging!) and their iconic souvenir glass filled with premium drinks and fruit shakes.

The lively spot, unfortunately, closed down for a couple of years for multiple reasons—including the pandemic. But 2023 is definitely the year of comebacks because the Beach Hut Bar has returned to the island with their iconic premium drinks, a fresh new look, and fabulous bar features.

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The revamped Beach Hut Bar stands on Station 1 in their original location from years ago, but it’s definitely a much bigger space! There are more tables, more seats, and more space to dance the night away.

It’s still hard to miss, mainly because of the giant life-sized Beach Hut Sunscreen bottle standing by the bar’s entrance. And guess what, the “bottle” actually sprays mist; just like how Beach Hut’s iconic sunscreen spray does it IRL.

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While this giant “sunscreen bottle” sprays hydrating mist at the moment, we’re hoping that someday it will start spraying actual sunscreen!

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Photo courtesy of Beach Hut Bar

Beach Hut Bar has also deviated from their vibrant and colorful exteriors with their new space. The new bar now features minimalist designs with industrial-style accents, and the fresh look definitely feels more sophisticated and chic.

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Inside the bar, there’s a gorgeous roof skylight so you can enjoy the summer sun without having to feel the harsh rays on your skin. We love the natural light that shines into the bar—perfect for summer vibes.

Another feature that will definitely add Beach Hut Bar to your list of must-visit spots in Boracay is its air-conditioned interiors. This was definitely a huge bonus for us, especially when you just want some cool air while enjoying your drinks by the beach.

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Of course, since Beach Hut Bar is from the iconic Beach Hut sunscreen, you can get your sunscreen haul (and more) from the bar, too.

The Beach Hut Bar has the island’s first sunscreen vending machine!

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This vending machine is fully stocked with Beach Hut’s sun protection products—from SPF 100 sunscreen spray to tanning essentials and hair care products.

Just prepare your cash, pick whatever product you need, and you’ll get it instantly. Forgotten sunscreen will never be a problem for you again.

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Beach Hut Bar is definitely the new go-to spot for great drinks in Boracay, especially with their 700 mL premium cocktails served in their iconic yard glasses. Yes, you read that right: 700 mL drinks!

On the cocktail menu, they have Twisted Rum, Beach Mojito, Premium Long Island, Choconut Gaga, Jungle Bird, and their very own Frozen Sangria.

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Beach Hut Bar is the first and only spot on the island where you can enjoy Frozen Sangria! It’s the perfect refreshing drink to enjoy by the beach under the summer sun.

The iconic Beach Hut Bar yard glass is a great feature on its own, especially since it now comes with a lanyard so you can hang your drink around your neck and walk around the beach hassle-free! Plus, you can easily bring home your Beach Hut Bar yard glass as a souvenir.

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We love how Beach Hut Bar makes the Boracay summer experience above and beyond the normal! From the chill (and super comfy) vibes of the bar, to the amazing drinks, complete stock of sunscreen, and the glass you can take home as a souvenir—every detail of Beach Hut Bar is enough for you to create happy core memories in Boracay.

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Beach Hut Bar

Station 1, Boracay


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