LOOK: The ground under this house eroded and it fell into the river

“Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse,” wrote James Deakin, writer and CNN host.

A message sent to the writer’s personal inbox told the story of how a family noticed that their house had slowly eroded and fell into the river in West Riverside St., Del Monte, Quezon City. Near 3 AM, the family woke up to hear cracking and ticking noises, not knowing it was the noise of their home (the land of which was passed on to them by their great grandfather) falling over into the river from the ground eroding from underneath them.

The photos show the now lopsided house, half-submerged in the river. Members of the family are seen trying to scale it, most likely attempting to get their belongings.

“[W]e are not new to flooding but we are new to erosion, which is happening in our area. I want to share this because up until now I am traumatized and scared,” they wrote.


We are still currently looking to see if we can help the affected family.

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