LOOK: The First Hybrid Electric Vehicle in the Philippines Helps you Save Both your Car’s Gas and the Environment!

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In the Philippines, automotive vehicles remain to be one of the most common and most used modes of transportation. Given the lack of accessible, comfortable, and convenient modes of public transportation in the country, Filipinos tend to rely on cars to go from one place to another.

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Alongside the massive amount of vehicles we see on the road today, though, the gravity of the effects of using conventional vehicles—vehicles which only rely on a gasoline engine, while emitting an immense amount of carbon dioxide and other pollutants—also doubles.

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Photo from ABS-CBN News

Last 2009, Toyota Motors Philippines introduced its Hybrid Electric Vehicles in the Philippine market through the Toyota Prius line as they understood the growing need for sustainable mobility here in the country. Since then, the said company has continuously been adapting and innovating its technology to better improve their line of hybrid electric vehicles.

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Unlike conventional vehicles, Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive, the engine you’d see on the Toyota Prius line, is a hybrid of one gasoline engine, two revolutionary electric motors, one battery, and one regenerative breaking system. These type of cars require much less gasoline because they utilize the power from the electric motors’ battery, while recharging every time the vehicle breaks. This means that you get to reduce your fuel consumption more than regular vehicles! Less fuel needed, less pollution generated.

The revolutionary Hybrid Synergy Drive engine of the Toyota Prius

Speaking of, Toyota’s hybrid electric vehicles are also pro-environment and pro-sustainability because unlike conventional vehicles, these vehicles do not generate a lot of carbon dioxide and pollutants, because the Hybrid Synergy Drive mainly relies on the electric motors to operate. Not only do we get to have a powerful driving experience, we also help lessen the severity of global warming caused by large amounts of carbon dioxide.

From the approximately 13 million hybrid electric vehicles sold by Toyota worldwide, the company has already help saved 29 billion liters of gasoline. To contextualize, that’s already enough to take us over 1.5 million round trips around the earth and the moon!

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Currently, Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive technology is only available in the Toyota Prius and Toyota Prius C—the hatchback version of the Toyota Prius—in the Philippine market. Driving doesn’t necessarily have to be harmful to the environment, because both of these hybrid electric vehicles support environment-friendly and sustainable driving, while also reducing harmful emissions, increasing fuel efficiency, and providing a smoother and quieter ride!

The front view of the Toyota Prius

The side view of the Toyota Prius

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