LOOK: The Daily Woes of Commuters of Makati

Here’s a not-so-fun fact:

According to the first Global Driver Satisfaction Index released by Waze in October 2015, Manila has the worst traffic situation at the city level.

Thus, every commuter, whether a working professional or a full-time mom driving her kids to school, share the same sentiment – it has really become so troublesome to commute in the city. The situation has become a waste of time for many. Additionally, the daily toxicity brought by the horrendous traffic poses serious risks on one’s health, safety, and daily expenditures.

Take a look at what a few “Commuters of Makati” have to say about this:

Commuters of Makati-Photo1

“Lumipas na ang gutom ko, hindi pa lumilipas ang traffic!”

Spending hours in traffic may be harming you more than you know.

Commuters of Makati-Photo2

“Mom, nasa traffic ka pa? Can you help me figure this out?”

It’s sad not being able to be there when your kid needs you — because you’re helplessly stuck in traffic.

Commuters of Makati-Photo3

“Walang pinipili ang pila. Walang patawad ang hasel.”

It doesn’t matter who you are. Everyone suffers at the terminal at rush hour.

Commuters of Makati-Photo4

“Hindi na makatarungan ito!”

Imagine the things you could’ve accomplished if you didn’t have to put up with this almost inhumane situation.

Commuters of Makati-Photo5

“2 hours trying to get a taxi plus 2 hours in traffic equals 1 precious night gone to waste.”

Catching that ride home sometimes is just half of the battle.

With traffic getting worse on a daily basis, more and more working professionals are now discovering the benefits of owning a Makati residence, the business and financial capital of the country.

Megaworld Corporation’s 20th residential masterpiece in Makati, the San Antonio Residence, understands this growing necessity and would like to build on not only to expand residential spaces, but also to stand as a solution for today’s working professionals need for convenience.

Soon to change the Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue landscape, a 40-storey tower will be in close proximity to everything you’ll ever need –  its ideal location lets residents connect to the power and vibe of the Makati Central Business District effortlessly, and allows them to return to the quiet and tranquil of their home conveniently.

Imagine the life-changing convenience when you live near your workplace. Get the time you deserve to make the most out of. With only P8,000 a month with no down payment, you can get your own condo unit and live a new life without having to face the grueling traffic, every day.

Life is short to waste it on traffic, so why not make a move soon? What other benefits do you see when you live a few steps from your workplace?

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