LOOK: The Cast Of ‘Titanic’ Reunited And Of Course They Joked About The Iceberg

Titanic is hands down one of the most iconic romance movies ever made. It gave life to one of the most well-known and loved (and I use the term loosely) on-screen couples of a generation: Jack and Rose, who were played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, respectively.

While the two have remained friends even decades after the film’s release, we still couldn’t contain our fangirling selves when they appeared at a charity event along with actor Billy Zane, who played the role of Rose’s fiance, the arrogant Caledon Hockley.

The iconic trio took photos to mark the reunion, and even went as far as making jokes that everyone would’ve made, too:


They were attending an event by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, in which money was raised for environmental causes. And so, of course, they’d be joking about icebergs.

I honestly am not sure which about this is better: the fact that the gang is indeed “back together” or that they are now “saving icebergs”.

Knowing their characters, though, I’m pretty sure Jack and Rose could bring themselves to saving icebergs after the horrendous fate they had during their first encounter. But Caledon? Not so much.

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But hey, at least we know that they have and haven’t moved on from the iconic film! And we’re so loving them even more for this.

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