LOOK: The Baron Geisler-Kiko Matos Fight is Definitely Happening

LOOK The Baron Geisler-Kiko Matos Fight is Definitely Happening

In case you were wondering, yes, the Baron Geisler-Kiko Matos fight is definitely happening. MMA Philippines posted a photo of the press conference on Facebook, where both Geisler and Matos faced off. They even signed contracts.

According to MMA Philippines, Geisler told Matos, “Mahal kita, pero ‘di tayo bati!” (“I love you but we’re not on good terms!”)

Baron Geisler is quite popular in media these days, but it’s not the way his publicist wouldn’t have wanted. Instead of being praised for his acting chops (he won Best Actor for Jay at the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival in 2008), he is reported on for the increasing number of his public outbursts. After a tousle with a film student, he is again at the center of attention for his brawl with indie actor Kiko Matos.

According to Matos, the fight started at a bar in Quezon City when he and his friends asked Geisler to step down from the stage. Geisler then told them to get out of the bar. That’s when Matos approached him and punched him.

On the other hand, Geisler said that he doesn’t know why he was attacked, and that he was only defending himself. He also claimed that he was defending a bartender Matos was accosting, which Matos denied.

This incident was amplified on social media, when they were invited to fight MMA-style at the Universal Reality Combat Championship cage.

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