LOOK: Thailand’s Full Moon Party Makes Its Way to BGC Every Month

We know the drill. Wake up. Work. Eat. Work again. Sleep. Repeat. This cycle is endless. It encompasses different walks of life, regardless if you’re a student, an employee, an entrepreneur, or whatnot. While productivity is an asset that will surely help us in the long run, it should not restrict us from grabbing drinks with colleagues occasionally.

Luckily, The Island at BGC has a monthly party our tired souls have been craving for.


The Island has all the right vibes!

The Island, formerly The Palace Pool Club, launched LOCO last June 30, 2018 in the spirit of bringing Thailand’s famous Full Moon Party, which spans a couple thousand visitors monthly, to the Philippines. Who would not want to dance and drink all night under the glimmer of the moon? LOCO, the Metro’s own Full Moon Party, is finally here!


Liven up your Saturdays with Loco!

If you are looking for your weekend fix of fun times, here are FIVE THINGS you’re gonna love about The Island’s LOCO!

The Drinks

Delectable drinks are the first element of fun after a stressful week. Beer is a default, obviously; but for anyone who is looking for adrenaline, The Island’s different bars, such as Super Papaya, Rum Jungle, and El Pirata Bottle Shop ensure that you get the drinks that you need.


The Island caters to a vast majority of tastebuds! 

There is an ample selection of beer throughout The Island, vast shots and bottles, and fancy cocktails. The prices are not that absurd, but they do have a 5% service charge which, if you think about it, is fair given the kinds of concoctions that you will be drinking.


This Amaretto Sour (Php280) will spice up your game

In the spirit of LOCO, getting a hold of drinks and enjoying the different flavors under the full moon is something to treasure. The experience is surreal and the environment makes drinking all the more enjoyable. Just remember to drink responsibly as we do not want to have any weekend mishaps!

The Food

Of course, the pulutan complements the inuman. Surprisingly, for a club that caters to drinks and mingling, their food choices are scrumptious. The different bars and grills scattered throughout The Island offer a wide array of food.


These sticks of pork belly are too mouthwatering to ignore.

From Hawaiian poke bowls to classic pizzas and modern Japanese cuisine, The Island has the answer to all of your foodie cravings!


Want some fusion? This spam-jalapeño pizza is for you!


Their spicy tuna rolls have a modern Japanese twist.

Think twice, though! You should ask yourself if you are prioritizing getting full or getting tipsy. It is indeed difficult to make this choice sometimes, but if you want to get a more sulit experience, consider this carefully.

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