LOOK: Tetra Pak Lauches Used Beverage Carton Recycling Process in Boracay

It has been a year since the re-opening of Boracay Island to tourists after closing down for rehabilitation. The 6-month closure definitely helped the world-famous tourist spot breathe and get back its glory, but it doesn’t end there. In fact, it’s far from over. It takes a lot of constant effort to keep Boracay sustainable. It’s also a huge step forward when big corporations pitch in for the movement.

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Tetra Pak, the food packaging and processing giant, has recently launched its first-ever Used Beverage Carton (UBC) recycling process in Boracay.

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The cartons by Tetra Pak may be deemed quite iconic, but not many know about how to recycle it correctly or that it can be turned into a wide variety of new products. This is why the company held a Food Safety and Beverage Carton Recycling Forum for the hoteliers and restaurateurs of Boracay.

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The forum allowed Tetra Pak to explain some important key points about UBCs and recycling them. One is that we now have the machinery and resources to correctly recycle UBCs—packaging which is composed of 75% paper.

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From the projects of the local government unit, the recycling bins scattered around the island allows efficient collection and sorting of the cartons. These cartons will be shipped to Rural Industrial Corporation whose machinery allows the proper upcycling of these cartons. Tetra Pak has also partnered with CARPEL Environment Corporation to make the whole process possible. With the help of these three companies, the life of Used Beverage Cartons no longer ends with landfills.

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From beverage packaging, UBCs can be turned into notebooks, chipboards, and even roofing tiles! Boracay locals will also be taught on how to creatively reuse these waste materials through upcycling workshops and promoting the use of these recycled-end products. Through this, residents also have the chance to create other products made from UBCs which they can turn into a livelihood.

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Tetra Pak’s UBC recycling process in Boracay intends to raise awareness on water packed in Tetra Pak cartons as a mindful alternative for the environment. The company also reminds UBC consumers of the right way to dispose of these cartons: insert the straw (if any) into the carton, or put the cap back on, before opening up the flaps and flattening the carton. According to Tetra Pak, this allows efficiency in storage and shipping.

With Tetra Pak’s environmental efforts together with LGUs, NGOs, private sectors and the local community, Boracay has gained another ally that would help them rebuild and conserve its exceptional beauty through the course of time.