LOOK: Taylor Swift Encourages Fans to Support Causes, Including #JunkTerrorBill


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Look what you made her do.

Taylor Swift is using her voice to support various causes around the world, including the petition to junk the Anti-Terrorism Bill in the Philippines

In her Instagram Stories, she shared different ways to help, including signing petitions, sending text messages or making calls, and donating. When you swipe up to view the options, the causes she support are the Black Lives Matter movement and the Junk Terror Bill campaign in the Philippines.

Taylor Swift Junk Terror Bill

Taylor Swift Junk Terror Bill 2

Her link has the header, “Ways you can help. When you’re done, educate yourself. This doesn’t go away once the topic isn’t ‘trending.'”

The Junk Terror Bill page is headlined with “Uphold human rights.” Followers can click on links for updates, an explainer to the Terror Bill, petitions to sign, an email protest, Tweets and threads, and a donation drive.

For a brief explainer on the Anti-Terrorism Bill, here’s what we wrote!

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