LOOK: This Table Shows Just How Intense the NBA Finals Have Been

A rematch of last year’s happenings, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors have been putting their all into this year’s NBA Finals this year. However, while it may look like the Warriors were much stronger during the first few games, giving hope to their fans that they would win the championship almost instantly; the Cavs eventually caught up, putting them neck and neck before tomorrow’s big game 7.

What you might not have noticed, however, is that the Cavs scored 610 points in total from Game 1 to Game 7… and GSW? Also 610 points. Check out the ‘scoreboard’ posted by Basketball Nation on Facebook:

Crazy, huh? I know both teams were playing really well, but I never noticed that strange score coincidence. Either way, I bet it’s gonna be an epic game tomorrow – or, at least, I hope it will be. Who are you rooting for? 🙂

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