LOOK: Stunning Throwback Photos of Manila

A Facebook post by Filipinas Nostalgia stopped me from browsing for a moment. I thought I was looking at a set of a movie of sorts, but no!

I was actually looking at photos of Manila, back in ’50s-’80s! My first thought upon seeing the photos: omg, please take me back. Let me share with you some of the photos that instantly caught my attention:

5. Ayala Avenue, 1960

Filipinas Nostalgia

I’ve been commuting in and out of Ayala for the past 5 years, and I could only wish things could go back to this. I mean, look at that! Aside from the stunningly beautiful cars, what I loved about this photo is how clear the roads were. Huhu. No “Makati traffic” yet, back in the day.

4. Manila International Airport, 1960

Filipinas Nostalgia

Huhu, anyare? (Huhu, what happened?) Look at that gorgeous photo of the Manila International Airport! I’m sure all of you would agree that we’re all hoping our airports still looked as stunning as this. Can we go back in time, please, when our airport looked like this and no laglag bala scams existed? Siiiigh. 

3. Jones Bridge and Pasig River, 1960

Filipinas Nostalgia

Looking at Pasig River now, this photo is starting to look like a myth. The photo looks like it was taken right out of a movie, but no, it’s really the beauty of Manila back then.

2. Roxas Boulevard (and Manila Yacht Club), 1980

Beautiful Old Manila

Miami, Florida? Noooo. It’s our very own Roxas Boulevard! Look at how cool and clean this place was during that time. Also, huhu, no traffic! Taking a stroll back in the day would’ve been epic and, well, a little more pleasant to the nose, don’t you think?

1. Double Deck Buses, 1980

Filipinas Nostalgia

New P2P double-deck buses were deployed early this week, so let’s do a little throwback! Check out these double-deck buses back in the 80’s. They looked really cool! I’m a little envious of those who got to ride these.

I don’t know about you guys, but these photos made me gasp in awe. Then again, I also felt quite sad because Manila’s beauty faded away as the years passed by.

For the full album, check out this link on Filipinas Nostalgia’s Facebook page. They’ve got lots of amazing historical photos of our country and culture, so don’t forget to hit that “like” button!


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