LOOK: Study Says Philippines Home To Women With Smallest Breasts

When In Manila, or anywhere in the Philippines, women have the smallest boob sizes compared to elsewhere in the world. This is according to a study from The Journal of Female Health Sciences.

senyora ph small boob

The study analyzed data from 108 countries and looked at the average breast size of women aged 20-30. It notes that “women born in the U.S.A. have by far larger breasts than women in any other country, while women born in Africa and Asia, particularly in the East Asian countries, have the smallest breast volumes.” Specifically, “25% of Caucasian U.S. women have a total mean breastmass of about 5.7 kg, while a Filipino woman belonging to the bustiest quartile in her country, only has a total breast mass of about 0.3 kg.”

The study concludes with the observation that there is a need for specific geographical adaptations for the different sizing and needs of women from different regions.

Mainly, my takeaway is that we should all be:
pia small boob ph

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