LOOK: Steph Curry Cut in Line to Go Down a Big Slide in Manila

A lot of things happened when Steph Curry came to visit Manila earlier this month. There was an Under Armour 3×3 show, the release of his new signature shoes at Titan, and his appearance at the UAAP opening day, to name a few. What you might not have seen, though, is what Steph was up to during his downtime.

One of the things he did was visit Adventure Zone at Shangri-La Fort where some people were lucky enough to encounter him in a very different state. Nastasha shared that Steph Curry had asked her daughter Catalina to cut in line at in front of her at Adventure Zone to go down the big slide.

Her nanny excitedly showed Nastasha the following photo that she sneakily took of him when Nastasha picked them up from playschool.

Steph Curry Playground

Apparently, her nanny was super proud and even told Nastasha about how Steph had pinched Cat’s cheek and told her how cute she was! Whether he did it because he wanted to cut in line or really thought Cat was cute remains to be seen, but we love how this stagenanny has gone to 100 real fast! As Nastasha puts it, “Before you know it, she’ll be turning into Kris Jenner.” :p

Watch Steph Curry go down the slide here:


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