LOOK: This Spa isn’t Just for Your Body, But for Your Teeth, Too!

Located in a quaint spot at the heart of Makati, Aramesh Spa and Wellness and Fashion Smile Dental Health and Spa offer a one-of-a-kind spa experience with their Persian-inspired interiors and Persian-themed services.

Aramesh Spa and Wellness Lobby

Apart from the massages, body treatments, and other relaxation services that they offer, this wellness center also offers services that cater to dental care. Fashion Smile Dental Health and Spa is not your typical dental center as it offers dental services that combine aesthetics with functionality.

They say that form always follows function when it comes to offering services, but Fashion Smile Dental Health and Spa manages to mesh both in the services that they offer. Their general dentistry services combine with aesthetics to ensure that your teeth are not only strong, but also beautiful. Beyond giving their patients award-winning smiles, Fashion Smile also focuses on overall tooth and gum health.

“A Spa, not just for your body, but also for your teeth!”

What’s great about this dental center is that they do not brand themselves as a dental clinic, but as a dental spa where you can relax while your pearly whites get cleaned and beautified. Along with their state-of-the-art facilities, Fashion Smile has dentists that specialize in specific fields to make sure that your teeth get the utmost care and attention that they deserve.

They have three doctors for different specialties: Dr. Shideh Nikbin is an orthodontist that works in aesthetic medicine; Dr. Far Shamsi is a periodontist and an aesthetic surgeonl and Dr. Farahnaz Shamsi is a cosmetic dentist. Fashion Smile offers a comprehensive solution for all types of dental needs to give their clients the best dental service possible.

Aramesh Spa and Wellness Room

The location of Fashion Smile is unique as it is in the same place as Aramesh Spa. If your friends are waiting for you to finish your dental appointment, they can indulge in a relaxing massage or other body treatments.

Apart from their spa treatments, Aramesh also offers other body services such as facials and body scrubs. This tandem truly makes this place a go-to for the ultimate wellness experience.

Fashion Smile

Website: https://www.fashionsmile.ph

Aramesh Wellness Spa