LOOK: Someone has found the ‘end of the rainbow’

Rainbows are always a delight to see.

When it’s drizzling outside, we often find it amazing to spot a rainbow. It is a bit refreshing because it is a burst of color on a gloomy day.

When I traveled to Ilocos Sur earlier this year, I spotted a rainbow as well. What’s amazing with this rainbow is that it was a full arc. It wasn’t the typical half or quarter arc we often spot.

I shared it on Instagram.


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Recently, a Japanese netizen, Twitter user@utstar_, also spotted a rainbow and unlike most, @utstar_ spotted the end of the rainbow.

As seen in the photo, the rainbow appears to be coming up from the ground near a parked vehicle. It arches over the row of trees and up into the sky.

Although it didn’t have a pot of gold, this is still such an amazing sight. Personally, it’s my first time to see the end of the rainbow.

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